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Richard Mason was born in 1973 in Southwestern Virginia. Photography is technically his second profession after having established a career in Social and Marketing research. He currently resides in San Francisco with his partner of 15 years.

Though photography has been at the forefront of his life since early childhood, it was not until moving to San Francisco that he rediscovered his passion for the medium.

I lived in San Diego for about a decade after graduating from college. What a fantastic place! But for me personally, it wasn’t the most interesting of areas to photograph. It’s dry and barren and not particularly photogenic, per se. Me, I gravitate more toward all things green and leafy!

As luck would have it, the Bay Area turned out to be quite a diverse and inspiring area.

San Francisco – what an interesting dichotomy of a city! It is its own contradiction. In some places you’ve got tall buildings and hoards of well-dressed professional types. In other places you have this gritty counter culture thing going on with homeless hipster kids lining graffiti-ridden streets (read: The Haight).  Then you’ve got the Castro, replete with all its quirky gayness and naked people lurking on every corner (love it!). But then in OTHER places you have these pockets of beautiful, peaceful green woods, coastal vistas with miles of hiking trails, countless trees and a wonderful blanket of fog enshrouding you pretty much all the time. Needless to say, it’s the later that really gives me solace and gets my creative energies flowing.”

The geography, the weather, the culture, and the sheer diversity make the Bay Area and all if its surrounding territories an extremely unique and mysterious place. Without question, this is reflected in Richard’s body of work.

Over the past decade Richard’s work has earned over twenty awards at The San Diego County Fair’s International Exhibition of Photography. He has also been featured in B&W MAGAZINE, Digital Photo Magazine, the NVAL 2013 & 2015 International Photo Exhibitions, and has had pieces on display at numerous galleries in Southern and Northern California (including the local Starbucks!)

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