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In my experience, pictures simply never are “perfect” straight out of the camera. At least, they don’t always look just like I had envisioned them…  so a little post production is almost always necessary.

To illustrate this process, I pulled together this Before & After gallery to give you an idea of my post production techniques. Generally speaking, the effects I use are pretty subtle: simple shifts in color or contrast, an alteration of the natural light, or adding some sky elements to give things a little punch. In the end I try to keep the final images looking as unaltered as possible. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that you don’t have to beat people over the head with dramatic effects. The simple tricks are usually the ones that work best. In fact, people are often surprised when I show them a “before” image… not having a clue that any effects were applied at all.

If you have any questions about the process or what effects I’ve used, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me a note.

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