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A Grave Place…


With Halloween not too far around the corner I’m starting to be reminded once again just how much I love all things dark and macabre. Nowhere could this be more evident than in some of of my earlier work. The time: 2008. The place: A town called Colma, located just outside San Francisco. The population of Colma is a staggering of 1.5 million, buuuut there’s a catch. Only about 1,700 of those residents are actually alive and above ground. That’s right, a literal city of the dead. With more old cemeteries than you can shake your fist at. Dark and creepy? Maybe. But still a truly beautiful and haunting place to explore.

Come see the gallery HERE

There and back again…


Greetings all! Just a little heads up that there’s a brand spanking new gallery up for your viewing pleasure. A series of color images from our recent trip to Europe. Highlights of the trip include stops in London and Scotland. Scenic vistas and castles galore! You can check out the gallery right –> HERE <–