GingerWorks Photography

Fine Art Photos


How do I place an order?

  • You have two easy options: 1) Visit my commerce site Redbubble and place an order directly through them, or 2) Fill out the simple order form at the GingerWorks online store. I will provide you with a quote and get you all set up.

 How expensive are your photos?

  • Not expensive at all actually. I don’t believe in charging exorbitant amounts of money for my work, so my mark-up is completely reasonable. I do this because I love you guys and I think more people should be allowed to enjoy affordable art.

When will you be able to take credit card orders directly at the GingerWorks online store?

  • Soon! Setting up a full e-commerce site is somewhat involved, but it’s in the works. Ultimately you’ll get better prices than those offered at Redbubble, quicker turn around, and the profits will get passed along to me instead of them. $ We like that $

 What products do you offer besides photographic prints and framed pieces?

  • The list is pretty extensive: Wall calendars, greeting cards, posters, canvas prints, metal prints, Smartphone and Tablet hard cases, Laptop skins, T-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, throw pillows, buttons and stickers!

 Are your images copyright protected?

  • Yes, everything I do is protected under standard copyright laws. Please do not copy or use my images in any way without my expressed written permission. Just email me if you would like to use an image or collaborate on a personal project. I tend to be pretty accommodating J

 Do you photograph anything other than scenic sorts of stuff?

  • Why yes! I do some still life, macro photography, weddings and some portrait/character work.

 Are you available for contract or commission work?

  • I am an experienced wedding and portrait photographer, and can be commissioned for pretty much anything that tickles your fancy.

 Do you modify your images in a computer?

  • Yes, most of my images undergo extensive editing using programs like Photoshop or Lightroom. For the most part I try to keep the effects pretty subtle, but sometimes I go hog wild and create heavily manipulated digital art.

 Where might I have seen your work before?

  • Like most photographers, I have a pretty extensive online presence. My stuff can be found at all the usual places like Flickr, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. I’ve also had pieces published in Black & White magazine and Digital photo magazine, and have been on display at galleries in Northern and Southern California (including a local Starbucks!).

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