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UPDATED: March, 2018!

1) The New Year is upon us and here at GingerWorks we have lots of new and exciting things planned. Check back often for more galleries and goodies. In the coming months we’ll be adding all sorts of cool new content, and exciting new products to the online store. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

2) As a sign of gratitude for all of the continued support – and in effort to keep things affordable – we’ve decided to extend our introductory prices indefinitely. Click here to visit the GingerWorks online store.

3) Coming in June we’ll be doing a special run of limited edition archival prints. About a dozen images, large format (11×14 or bigger) and limited to 10 numbered copies each. Each print will be reproduced on the finest archival paper and come with a signed card of authenticity.

4) Still kicking around the Kickstarter idea. The goal is to raise funding to produce a swanky 12 month wall calendar featuring images from the “World Travels” series. Expect an official announcement in April, with expected delivery of the product in early December.

Don’t forget to visit the GingerWorks Facebook page to keep abreast of all the latest developments.



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