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From the Ground Up…


Living in a big city I find that people rarely, if ever, take the time to pause and appreciate the majesty of the buildings surrounding them. The next time you find yourself in the heart of a big metropolis, stop, get the camera out and simply look skyward. You might find yourself surprised by what amazing perspectives can be found just above your head. Especially in a city like San Francisco where you get this wonderful mash-up of modern and old school architecture.

When taking these pictures I was surprised not only by the contrast in architecture, but also the beautiful way the buildings compliment the textures in the sky. People on the streets would often stop and look at me like I was a crazy person. “What on earth could that idiot possibly be gawking at?” Then they’d look up and moments later I’d see the camera phone come out and click, click, click.

Working on this series has been a lot of fun so far (though my poor sore neck and dizzy head might somewhat disagree). Looking forward to posting many more to this series as they come to fruition. Hope you enjoy! #lookup

A Grave Place…


With Halloween not too far around the corner I’m starting to be reminded once again just how much I love all things dark and macabre. Nowhere could this be more evident than in some of of my earlier work. The time: 2008. The place: A town called Colma, located just outside San Francisco. The population of Colma is a staggering of 1.5 million, buuuut there’s a catch. Only about 1,700 of those residents are actually alive and above ground. That’s right, a literal city of the dead. With more old cemeteries than you can shake your fist at. Dark and creepy? Maybe. But still a truly beautiful and haunting place to explore.

Come see the gallery HERE